dontliberateme (dontliberateme) wrote in aabs,

First Topic

So, let's get things rolling. I guess the first thing of interest that comes to mind is how people talk to non-politically active type people about anarchy. I've done it with mixed results, but i think i've gotten better at it.

Basically, i explain that hierarchy, where one person has more power and control than someone else, is corrupting and inherently violent. all power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. i give some examples, i.e. government/representative democracy, wage slavery, gender/race roles, etc.

then i go on to explain some alternatives like neighborhood assemblies, democratic unions, indymedia, FNB, affinity groups, and so on.

a lot of the time people say it's too idealistic, but i say that it's not only possible but it's happening all the time, that people can at cooperatively without screwing each other based on the sole principle of mutual aid, where we are all free at the cooperation of everybody else.

anyways, how's your success rate been? what do you say?
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